One Session (2 hours)

£18 Pay on the door
It equals £9ph
Terms & Conditions:
  • Just turn up and pay at the session
  • Please bring exact cash, if possible

8-week course (16 hrs)

8 Mondays = £108*
Full value: 8x£18=£144
25 % Off! Save £36 in August!
It is just £6.75 pp ph
*£108 August / £115 September / £120 at the door
Pay 12 hours, get 4 hours FREE!
As contact for payments by PayPal use email; for Paym (Pay Mobile) bank transfer use mobile number 07724969073.
Terms & Conditions:
  • 8 consecutive 2-hour Tuesday sessions
  • You pay £108 in advance in August or £115 September or £120 at the door

General Terms & Conditions

Please bear in mind that once it is paid we cannot give you money back, if you cannot attend the sessions that you have paid for. You are paying for the service and we are going to provide that service regardless whether you will come or not to use it. We hope that you will find the offer that is the most suitable for you. Thank you for your advance payment.

If you do not want to pay by PayPal, you still can contact us and we can provide you with the details for you to pay by online bank transfer or by Paym (new pay-by-mobile service).