Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll Workshop in Cambridge, 24 March 2018

Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll Club 2Rock would like to invite you, your dance or acrobatic partners and your team-mates and teachers (also from abroad) to an Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll workshop in Cambridge, UK.

This workshop is for all levels (beginners, improvers, intermediate, advanced) and will be focused mostly on acrobatics. We might include some dancing too though. We hope to satisfy the needs of acrobatic rock and roll dancers as much as the desires of those interested just in aerials/airsteps - dancers of other energetic paired dance styles (swing, jive, modern jive, tango or salsa), circus acrobats, acrobalance/acroyoga people, figure ice skaters or cheerleaders, or anybody else.

The workshop will take place in modern dance studio in Cambridge University Sports Centre. These studio offer high ceiling, wall-to-wall mirrors, air-conditioning and a variety of different types of mats. The workshop will last 7 hours. It has been planned with short breaks but no long break for lunch. Therefore you should have rather early lunch / brunch before the workshop. We hope to organise a social event on the Saturday evening.


If you want to secure your place and places for your friends/team, you'll need to pay as soon as possible and also please send us the names and emails of all the coming participants in your group. The workshop is guaranteed to take place, therefore you may book your travel already now if you wish, since flight prices do have a tendency to increase. Also, let us know your interest in the pub social.


We would like to maintain a similar format to our previous weekend workshops. This means that we would like to invite coaches willing to teach on a voluntary basis. If you are an experienced coach and are willing to co-operate, please let us know. We will then finalise the list of coaches later. In return for teaching a lesson for free, lasting about 1-2 hours, coaches are welcome to participate in the whole workshop for free (or remarkably reduced price, depends on experience and the length of teaching) as a reward. We aim to create a collaborative and supportive environment where ideas can be exchanged between dancers and coaches from multiple teams. Voluntary coaching allows us to keep the price to a minimum. In the case of a smaller attendance we might not use additional coaches.

So far we have a confirmed 2Rock's very own Steve and his partner Laura. Steve lives and breathes acrobatic rock 'n' roll. He began teaching the sport in 1991 as a qualified coach in Slovakia, training couples ranging from beginners to finalists of World and European Cups. Following a move to the UK, Steve started coaching the Cambridge University Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll team in 2009 (currently teaching also with Laura) and runs his own club, 2Rock, based in London. In addition to coaching, Steve has a wealth of dancing experience. As a World Cup quarter-finalist, he has performed and competed in over 10 countries, representing Slovakia and more recently the UK with his partner Laura.


Participants from outside of the UK should book their flights as soon as possible to guarantee the lowest prices. The most convenient low cost airport is London Stansted, which is very well connected to Cambridge by coach or train. London Luton is also a good option, with regular coach services. Alternative transport options are of course possible. Please do ask if you would like guidance on this subject. Useful travel websites include:


If you need a place to stay for the night, just contact Steve and he can put you in touch with the Cambridge dancer living less than a mile from the venue. If you wish to book your own accommodation, useful accommodation websites include, and Please ensure that you search for Cambridge UK (Cambridgeshire), otherwise you could end up in the US!

Feel free to ask any questions there or by emailing directly to Steve.

If you are interested also in other 2Rock's events (future workshops) and updates, please "like" the 2Rock PAGE on Facebook.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are really looking forward to this workshop, and would be delighted to see as many of you, dear dancers and acrobats, as possible here in Cambridge. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.


Please let us know your interest by sending an email to Steve via contact page, if you do not have his email address.

You can pay by:

  • PayPal (button on this page), use email as recipient, not his mobile number!
  • Paym (Pay Mobile or Pay Contact) bank transfer, use Steve's mobile number 07724969073 as recipient's account number.
  • Cash in person in advance or on the day of the workshop
  • Cheque payable to Stefan Turok (ask for the address to post it well in advance)
  • Online banking (ask bank details from Steve, if for some strange reason you cannot or do not want to use simpler Paym or PayPal)

Saturday Workshop:
24 March 2018 Cambridge

£42 / £35 Students
Use "" as recipient.


Acrobatic preparation and technique, maybe little bit of dancing. For beginners simple aerials and lifts, for intermediate couples C-class combinations and more demanding B-class moves for advanced dancers (some rotational figures).

If you have any questions or suggestions what you would (not) prefer to learn please let Steve know.


It is open to everyone of all abilities level, experiences and interests. There is not compulsory to bring a partner to this workshop, but it is advisable though rather to come already with a partner that you would stick to throughout the workshop, if possible. If we find out that there are far too many of one gender interested, then we will try to regulate the gender balance by some restrictions - waiting list.


Sporty (not very baggy) dress, trainers, towel, maybe even spare pair of socks to avoid blisters, spare t-shirts, water bottle, maybe some snack (ripe bananas are best! ...those yellow ones with brown dots, bought few days in advance). Boys / men might want to bring some simple elastic bandages for wrists. Girls might find long sleeves useful for some acro.

Also you need to bring yourself at least 15 minutes before the session to change in the changing room, talk or pay (if you do not pay in advance).


You can either bring your own packed brunch, use some food delivery services or if by car, you can go to Sainsbury's (5 minutes drive) or some city pub (not nearby the venue). Unfortunately it is NOT possible to buy any food in the venue's Cafe, just some sweets in the vendor machines there. The Cafe has been closed. And have I mentioned to bring bananas - the food of athletes?

Happily Dinner After:

We are always hungry after a workshop, so we should go on Saturday for a dinner at 20:00 to Castle Inn (dinner not included in the price of the workshop).

acrobatic rock and roll workshop